How to Move with Your Kids and Pets

Donation when moving

Tips from Your Local Mover on How to Organize a Stress-Free Move for the Entire Family. Moving to a new home can be really hard-to-organize, stressful event. This is why, many people who do not like to take the full responsibility for organizing it take advantage of the option to call professional help. Although you can hire a mover to help you pack and transport all of your goods and furniture, that will not entirely solve your problems. If you have kids or pets, you need to apply a special approach for their moving. Luckily, the moving contractor has prepared … Continue reading

Moving Day Checklist

Wake up early. Plan your time wisely, so you can get up early on the moving day. Do not frown upon it. It will be a tiring long day and you should be on alert and fresh, thus you MUST have a good sleep the previous night. Staying fresh and organized during the move is essential. Don’t risk to be waken up by the moving company. Wear appropriate clothing. Do not underestimate your clothes. Put on comfortable clothing because it will be a really long and tiring day. Avoid clothing and shoes with ties to protect yourself from injuries. Loose … Continue reading

Are You Prepared For The Big Moving Day?

According to the AMSA, there are four really simple things you can do to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible: Get at least 3 written in-home estimates (avoid internet or phone estimates if possible). Ask for the pre-move required documents from each moving company. Avoid large down payments. Ask plenty of questions. Checking Out the Company Use a moving company that has been in business for a while or at least it can offer references and testimonials which you should and can verify. Check out the business’s BBB Reliability Report and its testimonials on major directories such … Continue reading