How to Move with Your Kids and Pets

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Tips from Your Local Mover on How to Organize a Stress-Free Move for the Entire Family.

Moving to a new home can be really hard-to-organize, stressful event. This is why, many people who do not like to take the full responsibility for organizing it take advantage of the option to call professional help. Although you can hire a mover to help you pack and transport all of your goods and furniture, that will not entirely solve your problems. If you have kids or pets, you need to apply a special approach for their moving. Luckily, the moving contractor Grogan Brothers Moving Storage has prepared some free tips to help you! Here is what you may do to reduce the stress during your move:

  • Inform your children about your moving plans as soon as you are certain the event will happen. Do not wait until the last minute. The sooner your kids know about moving, the better. They will have the necessary time to say goodbye to all their friends and accept the idea that another town or neighborhood will become their home soon.
  • Contact the kindergarten or school teachers of your kids first. Let them know that you will be leaving soon (we recommend you to wait until the end of the school year). These teachers will also help and support your kids so they can accept the idea of moving easier.
  • Organize a goodbye party where your children can invite all of their schoolmates and friends for a nice last party. Let them exchange contact information, and explain to your children that you are willing to host any of the kids at your new home for a weekend anytime they like, so they will see each other again. 
  • Make a weekend trip to your new home with the kids and pets yourself. Walk with them around the neighborhood and do something fun. This way, they will be excited to move. 
  • Never leave your pet in the truck of your mover. This is very dangerous, as most of these trucks are not ventilated and therefore not aimed for transporting animals. So, make sure you can provide other transportation for you, your kids, and your pets because the household load relocation vehicle will not be a suitable option!

When looking for a mover that works around Pittsburgh, PA, you can count on Grogan Brothers Moving Storage for any type of quality moving job. From small vans to large trucks, we offer vehicles to fit the contents of both condo apartments and family homes. Call us now at (412) 731-1400 for a free quote!

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