Moving Day Checklist

Wake up early.

Plan your time wisely, so you can get up early on the moving day. Do not frown upon it. It will be a tiring long day and you should be on alert and fresh, thus you MUST have a good sleep the previous night. Staying fresh and organized during the move is essential. Don’t risk to be waken up by the moving company.

Wear appropriate clothing.

Do not underestimate your clothes. Put on comfortable clothing because it will be a really long and tiring day. Avoid clothing and shoes with ties to protect yourself from injuries. Loose clothes are the perfect choice (not too lose off course). If you are a planning a lond-distance move take into consideration the fact that there might be a weather drops. Bring a pair of clean clothes just in case. Keep in mind that ones packed up your stuff will be extremely difficult to access.

Charge the cellphone.

Make sure that you, your friends or family you are moving with, have full batteries on their cellphones. Turned off mobiles make it extremely difficult for you to stay in touch and can cause many problems. On the other hand you may need to get in touch with your movers and ask them about their location, etc.

Make lists.

Usually, we think of the list making as an inessential and time-consuming job, but actually lists can save a lot of worries and time. Before your moving make detailed lists to ease the activities on the big day itself. Make a list with the mobile numbers of your driver and movers. Make another list with everyone’s duties, and do not forget to make a list with all the boxes and their content. Lists make things easier, so use them. You can also use a moving app on your smart phone for even better progress tracking (if your moving company has one).

Move day packing.

Try to manage packing prior the moving day. Packing is no as easy as it seems, so educate yourself in proper techniques. If your stuff is not packed properly, it can be damaged especially fragile and valuable items such as antiques and electronics. Moreover some items may require special handling. To get the desired results ask your moving company whether they offer a packing service. Professional movers conduct moves every day so they know how to pack everything safe and efficiently. Last but not least, whether you are packing yourself or not, make sure that all packages and boxes are properly sealed and labeled. Use descriptive labels to save time while unpacking them to the new place.

Food ideas.

Do not leave everything for the last moment. Plan your food prior the moving day. Consider pizza, sandwiches, even sweets. If the packing or loading takes more time than anticipated it’s a good idea to have some refreshments around. If it’s cold outside, consider some hot drinks such as coffer or tea.


As some knows moving with kids can be quite the challenge. Make sure there will be somebody to take care of your kids. There will be many people moving around, carrying many items so kids running wild around is not a bright idea.


It will be best to entrust your pets to someone of the family or a close friend of yours. Pets are not very friendly to strangers.

Cleaning after movers.

After the movers leave the property and load all your items, it will be a complete mess. Buy in advance proper cleaning products so you can start cleaning right away or hire a cleaning company.

Arrange the payment.

Usually, moving companies ask for a deposit fee when you are hiring them and the rest of the fee is paid on the moving day. You can have a thousand chores at a time, but make sure you will have the rest of the sum prepared in advance or a credit card in hand.

Check out inventory moving list.

Don’t forget to check out if everything is properly noted in your mover’s inventory list. In cases of lost or damaged items you can file a complaints against your moving company based on that list.

Take all jewelry and personal documents with you.

Since moving day is a tense and busy one as whole, make certain that your money, jewelry and personal documents won’t go with the rest of your stuff in the moving truck.

Confirm the route to the new location.

Check the planned route twice before setting out for the new property. If you are moving and driving by yourself, the last thing you want is to get lost in the middle of nowhere. Discuss the most appropriate route with your moving company. They can supply you easy to follow directions for your safe trip.

If you are planning to hire a moving company for your upcoming move, make sure you trust your items to an insured and licensed specialist. If you live near Pittsburgh, PA feel more than welcome to use the services of Grogan Brothers Moving Storage. Since 1907, our moving company has been offering quality and affordable services to the Pittsburgh region. Reach us at (412) 731-1400 and leave yourself to the professionals!

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