Unpacking Tips For Tenants Who just Moved Into a New Property

Moving - The art of unpacking

8 Steps to Help You Unpack After Your Mover Delivered Your Belongings to Your New Location

If your moving company had just delivered countless boxes and wrapped pieces of furniture, you will probably need some help to organize all this stuff. Do not panic – we are here for you and are ready to provide you with all necessary packing tips, you will need. First, you need to make a plan or at least draw an idea about how you want the room to look, before filling it in with all of the clutter from your boxes. In order to do it right, you will need to follow the next few steps, which Grogan Brothers Moving Storage, of Pittsburgh, PA, has prepared for you.

  1. Get a copy of the inventory list – This will help you make sure that your mover has delivered everything you have packed and loaded into the relocation truck.
  2. Get the essentials unpacked first – Silverware, towels, toilet supplies, food (if you have any), and everything else which will help you survive the first few days, when your new home will be a mess.
  3. We suggest that you line the kitchen cupboards next, after unpacking your pans, pots and plates. Hook up all of the small appliances next, or at least your coffee machine, so you can keep yourself awake and energetic while you unpack everything else.
  4. Get the beds ready for your first night at the new place by unwrapping the bedlinen and placing them in the respective bedrooms.
  5. Unpack the medication and all your bathroom supplies next, so you can be ready for a goon night shower before going to sleep for the first time at your new place.
  6. Organize and place your furniture before you unpack the rest.
  7. Place the labelled boxes in the respective rooms they belong to and start unpacking. This process will occupy most of your time, but once you are done, you will feel a great relief.
  8. When you are done with the house you may move to the items which your mover had dropped in your garage. As they are the least essential ones, you can leave them in boxes for a while if you do not have enough free time to organize it during your first few days t the new place. The same rule applies for the items which should be placed in the patio.

When you are done unpacking the stuff, your moving company delivered, take some time to enjoy the new place by relaxing on your couch and listening to your favorite tunes!

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